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Mountain Warrior Plan


This 12 week program is designed for the Backcountry Hunter that plans on spending an extended time in the mountains in challenging terrain. The main focus of this program is to improve the aerobic endurance and lower body strength endurance of the hunter. During this program the hunter will train 4-5 times per week depending on their individual schedules. The majority of this training time can be done anywhere, while 1 day per week will be in a gym.

Big game hunting in the mountains presents a unique set of challenges for the athlete, especially those that come from the central and eastern parts of the United States where the topography is relatively flat. Individuals that live in the mountains have the luxury of being able to scout and train in the exact type of conditions they will face during a hunt. For the rest of us we need to replicate the conditions we will face as best as we can. Often times this will be at sea level, and in very different climates than what we will experience in the mountains.
The main focus of this program is to build the athletes aerobic conditioning to be able to maintain low to moderate intensity efforts over long periods of time as well as train the legs to tolerate the high workload of moving our bodies and equipment over steep terrain day after day.
Additional fitness attributes such as durability, core, and supplemental training are included as well but are not major factors in success. It is important as you move through this training to follow the prescribed intensities – often times some sessions will feel too easy. Each session has a specific purpose in setting the stage for training later on in the program.

    Recommended Training Frequency

    • 5 days per week
    • 4 is acceptable but will make the program longer in duration.

    Required Equipment

    • Bench
    • Squat Rack
    • Barbell + Plates
    • Pull Up Bar
    • Sandbag
    • Ruck
    • Mat
    • Clock, Timer
    • Kettlebells

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