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ASCEND - Nootropic Booster by Legion Athletics

ASCEND is a nootropic ("brain booster") that supports and enhances your focus, memory, mental speed, creativity, mood, and overall brain health.

How well you can focus, think, and remember will determine, to a large degree, how much joy and satisfaction you get from life.

These abilities will determine how well you can learn new things and acquire new skills, how efficiently and productively you can work, how well you can communicate and connect with others, and how you generally perceive and understand yourself and the world around you.


Other lifestyle factors undermine our natural cognitive abilities as well. Too many people eat too much “unhealthy” food, don’t exercise or sleep enough, and mismanage stress, and as a result, struggle to control and direct their attention and thoughts.

Thus, the first things anyone looking to improve their mental capabilities should do are spend less time glued to technology chasing instant gratification, eat a diet rich in nutritious, relatively unprocessed foods, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep.

That’s not all you can do, though, and that’s why we created ASCEND.

Unlike many nootropics, ASCEND doesn’t target just one aspect of your mental capabilities at the expense of others or rely on stimulants to produce immediately noticeable effects that may also undermine critical functions or result in unwanted side effects.

Instead, ASCEND’s formulation provides your brain with key building blocks, much like amino acids are to muscle tissue, and by increasing the availability of these substances, you not only improve how your brain operates, but also how it repairs and reconstructs itself.

This means that ASCEND does more than just sharpen your focus and mind and elevate your mood, it also helps your body build a healthier, happier, and higher-performing brain. In this way, ASCEND can also enhance the effects of other nootropics that you may want to “stack” it with.

Let’s take a look at the formulation.


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