March 21, 2020 2 min read

By B4H Trainer: Laura Ehlen

Times like the current force us to be creative to maintain our fitness.  Gyms are closed down and leaving the house to go to regular group exercise classes is not advised.  What can we do to set ourselves up for some at home workouts?  

Here are 5 tips to stay on track when your normal routine is interrupted and all you have is your body and things around the house to challenge yourself.

  1. Structure your dayso that you allot specific time dedicated to your at home workout routine.  I find that when I push it to the end of the day, I don’t tend to hold myself accountable and will put it off til the next day.  Move it to a time that is earlier in the day, if possible, so that you feel productive from the start of your day and it sets you up for success early on. 
  2. Make a plan for your workout.The more structured your workout is, the more likely you are to push yourself and use that allotted time in an efficient and effective way.  
  3. Find a space that is not distracting or cluttered.  Having a clear space to work in can help maintain focus throughout the workout.    
  4. Set a timer when you start your workout to hold you accountable for the exact time you want to spend on your fitness.  This ensures you push through the whole workout instead of getting tired and stopping early.  I find that when I’m not around others that are pushing hard, I may not want to do everything on my list because who will know?  That mindset does not set you up for success nor get you to your goals.
  5. Track your progress.This allows you to push yourself the next time you complete the same workout.  If you did 20 push-ups last time, try for 21 the next.  Keeping an exercise journal allows you to track your progress and hold yourself accountable so that you know you are pushing hard and making changes that lead to your goals.

Laura Ehlen is a certified trainer and nutritionist part time to being a figure competitor and Wildlife Biologist. She handles many one on one clients for Built4TheHunt and spends her hunting seasons in the backcountry chasing elk and mule deer across the Northwest. You can find and follow Laura on her instagram (@adventurer.lady) as she preps for an upcoming figure competition before the seasons get underway. 

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