August 03, 2018

My name is Megan Verbout and I am from Portland, Oregon. I am NCSF Certified Personal Trainer as well as a senior at Eastern Oregon University. I am working toward my bachelors degree in physical activity and health with a concentration in exercise science. My passion for fitness is fueled by both a lifetime of participation in competitive athletics in a general love for helping others reach their potential.
    I was first introduced to bow hunting just a couple short years ago by my boyfriend and his family. They took me in and have guided me through everything that I know about hunting. From how to shoot a bow, to the ethics, to using the meat that I have harvested to better my health, I have fallen head over heels in love with the entire process. Ever since, hunting, steelhead fishing and shooting have become an integral part of my every day life. Despite my late start, I now consider myself an avid hunter with a particular love for archery and bowhunting.
    Very quickly after I was introduced to bowhunting and the lifestyle that accompanies it, I realize that my background and knowledge in fitness would play a crucial role in my efficiency in the field. I began focusing my own training and workouts around hunting related goals including shooting a heavier draw weight and endurance while hiking in various terrains. There’s no doubt in my mind that my emphasis on physical fitness has contributed to the major strides that I have taken as both a competitive archer as well as a hunter.
Megan is certified as a National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) Certified Personal Trainer
She is also rounding off her Bachelor's in Physical Activity and Health with a concentration in Exercise Science now

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