April 17, 2020 4 min read

Welcome to the Built4TheHunt Alpha Team!

By now you obviously know who we are and a little about the program. We wanted to take a minute to thank you for your interest and support in us and the program and believe in our direction.

You all should have gone through the interview process at this point and are eager to get started and so we wanted to run through a few instructions so that you get your link set up and added to the groups and let you take off. So here is a couple things we need from you to get everything going:

  1. You can’t really promote us and the brand and your own links without products in hand right? So instead of giving you select packages to set up for your auto ship service we have arranged one of two membership cards that you will need to pick from and add as a monthly subscription service. You can buy whatever you want with those every month and they are discounted down and your purchases with them count towards your monthly totals. So you will pick one of those and add it to your cart.
  2. In addition to that we ask that you pick up any 2 gear or apparel items in store in that same cart. It doesn’t have to be Alpha Team apparel, but that option is available to you on the “Staff” page only whenever you may want to pick some up.
  3. The next thing we ask if for you to jump over to the Built4TheHunt media accounts and follow, subscribe, and turn Post Notifications on. The reason we ask this is because when the company posts, you will see it quickly and can make sure to “like” the posts and extra engagement is always welcome.
  4. Once you have placed you order, liked and followed the accounts, email Laura to notify her that you have done all of that and in that email include your PayPal email address for us to finalize your account. (Laura@built4thehunt.com)

Information about your backend account, posting, and payments:

  1. You will get a welcome email stating that your account is now live and welcome to the team. In that email you will have multiple links as well. One to your backend portal, and two to the Alpha Team Facebook Groups.
  2. The facebook groups info will be explained in a video post within the group itself but the Alpha Team is actually broken down into teams beyond just the main team itself. Teams will have their own team names and can even have their own apparel lines if you decide to do so. We will have different contests, challenges, and giveaways between the teams, so we hope y’all enjoy friendly competition and holding bragging rights.

Affiliate portal itself:

  1. Your backend account is new and we are exciteds about how this comes into play. Your initial password will be “Built4thehunt” and you will notice a bunch of stats and info once you are in the portal
  2. Your personal link will be on display and that will be the link you add to your Instagram account, your YouTube, any posts you do on Facebook, your blog or wherever. This link is very important as any person who clicks your link, if they have never clicked on someone else’s link, they are connected to you for LIFE! So as long as you are part of the team and have people and sales rolling in, any time that person purchases anything you will get credit for that sale. Your monthly totals are displayed as “CLICKS” in the portal
  3. Income Structure: Your earned income will be paid on the 12th of every month based on the previous months revenue generated from your peeps! The first $100 of revenue each month there is no commission. (Remember your own purchases count here and purchases made with your card count towards that minimum) Then from $101 - $600 you earn a 5% commission. From $601-$999 you earn 8% commission, and $1,000+ you earn 10% commissions.
  4. The difference here and the code system we used before is that you couldn’t get credit if people you referred decided to use a code for the current sales we had on the site. Now your peeps can take advantage of any sales we are running and you still get credit and get a kickback!
  5. On the left side of your portal screen will be a tab labeled “Marketing.” Any time we create a graphic, promotion or sale we will upload the files there. You can go in and download them and post them anywhere you wish to drive traffic for yourself. Generally we run two different sets of sales. One set at the first of the month and one around the 15th of the month.
  6. Feel free the mess around and learn about the portal and the Staff pages as you need and the more you post the more you get to see the numbers grow and the fun begins. The less you post and drive traffic, the less revenue that comes your way. There is no minimum, and but we do run quarter reviews to see how everyone is doing.

This info should get you going and into the groups and understanding you backend portal. Make sure to read the “Built4TheHunt Vision” post for info about the team, what kinds of things to expect, and the direction we are headed as a company!

Thank you guys and welcome to Built4TheHunt’s Alpha Team!

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