Built4TheHunt Team & Company Vision

First of all we want to say welcome to the Team. Just a quick reminder I wanted to point out that as a team member, you have access to content that is not available to the general public and that content is confidential. We ask that the information provided in these pages remain between the team in the company and to not be disclosed to anyone else

Thank you for your support and your interest in the new staff program that we have worked hard to develop. We have decided to call the name of this program the “Alpha Team” and we hope that you take full advantage of what we are putting together, and what we have to offer within the company in within this program.

When we brought on ambassadors the first time it was just too much to put together properly. As we continued to do research within the industry, we started to realize that the average “Field Staff” program is not very structured, and it is based around number volume. We did not want to follow that script as we feel it can really water down everything. You may not be aware of this but many of the fitness and outdoor industry brands who offer a staff program, its not very exclusive like you may think. One supplement brand that almost came onto the website informed us that they have nearly 40,000 ambassadors!! There are other brands we are involved with that have tens of thousands of ambassadors also, and that is not what we wanted to do. We wanted to provide a more personal experience with a lot more engagement and give you something to be proud of and that we could be proud of as well.

We finally settled on the structure program that we have in place now, and you guys will see that we have a lot more to offer and will be able to promote within the team and organization as we continue to grow. The more you are engaged the more we can promote you and your brand and help you grow in the industry this way as well. The available spots are very limited and there was a lot of applications that came that we had to go over to narrow things down to those we have chosen to be involved. So thank you again for your support.

I do want to briefly explain a little bit about the vision of the team in the company and the direction that we were headed. Many of the Company staff that you see will be moving to the Boise Idaho area in which we will be opening headquarters out there soon. The vision for this will not only be our call center and our customer service, but we will incorporate a full gym and training facility with other features eventually. We will be able to offer training plans specifically for different hunts, live web training and nutrition sessions, collaboration events, and work with people a lot more in depth.

The team itself is not only just a big group but will be broken down into several smaller teams within the group with each team being assigned a ‘Team Leader.’ We’ve decided to do this to increase engagement and we can host competitions and challenges between the groups, keep everybody more informed and not subject to limitations provided by Facebook. We will be hosting Facebook live chats with you guys on a regular basis to go over questions about the company, products, training, what we have coming up, nutrition, and so on. We will let you know that schedule in the group. As we continue to grow there will be more opportunities to grow within the organization and help with your growth within the industry. User submitted content will be published on the website and through email campaigns as well as social media linking directly back to you and promoting, you, as an individual. The more involved you are the more you’ll get out of the program which is what we wanted to provide everybody.

You are not required to post anything if you do not want to, but the more that you are engaged and promote stories, articles, sales, and just yourself in general, the more traffic you will drive in, which returns more revenue that will be generated to help you. This will also help you build a resume within the industry as we know many people do want to be involved in the industry that we love as much as possible. If you break it down, this program serves as a dive into marketing and growing your own business in a way without the major overhead if you throw yourself into the fire (like we did when we started lol).

Now I’ve mentioned challenges and events already, but as we get things up and running know that we are moving towards an exclusive group event(s) that will be hosted every summer. Right now we are looking at a shoot and a hike somewhere that will be sponsored with lots of opportunities but limited spots. We will be extending offers to join us on different hunts, and filmed events, as well as trade shows and shoots as they become available. These will not be extended to the public they will stay within the team. There are other things that we have in motion that we will not disclose at this time, but they are major moving pieces for you and for us as we continue to move our way up the ladder within the industry. More on these things soon though, promise.


We are super excited to finally put this program in motion after nearly half a year of development. Thank you again and you will be find video posts and some more information about everything over in the Facebook groups so we will see you over there!