Basics to Social Traffic

The Basics to Increase Social Traffic

I am not going to go into much detail with this post but I wanted to outline some of the basic things that you can do in order to increase traffic through your links on social media and help you build a bigger client base.

Once you have gone through all the instructions and set up notifications and that fun stuff, you will be sent the link to set up your backend to track link clicks, engagement, and sales. You can start promoting that link and building sales right away and can use the posts and marketing graphics that we provide through the marketing tab. Often people think you need to have the swipe up option to do very well but that isn’t the case. The tricks are to drive people to your link without being pushy and telling people to “click the link in bio” every other post. So here are some tips that I can give you to help you with all of this and get you off on the right foot.

Guide for Instagram:

  • This won’t apply to all of you but the first thing to do is if you have a private account on Instagram, you will want to change that to public so everyone can see your page. If you don’t want to do that you can create a new one but growing the page from nothing is much harder now days.
  • Now that you have a public account you will want to change the account from a “Personal” account to a “Creator” account with a relevant term (Public Figure, Trainer, Blogger, etc…)
    • The reason to do this is that Instagram will then give you Insight Access to see how many people saw your post, liked, saved, and where they came from (hashtag for example). This will also show you days of the week and times of day that your followers are most active
    • Make sure to then edit your account and add your link in the Bio
  • Posting often and DON’T BE PUSHY. Saying anything along the lines of ‘you need to try this’ or anything like that is a turnoff to everyone. You want engaging type posts. Comedy is good, questions are great. When posting, consider your audience and post when they are most likely on. Saturdays during the morning and day is usually not good.
  • Hashtags: Instagram is killing people with how they monitor hashtags now days. Make sure that whatever you are posting, the tags relate to that photo. If you post a gym photo and tag #deerhunting for example, Instagram basically flags that post as a reach and there is no chance it is seen. For a gym photo I personally seldom use hunting based hashtags. The more relevant you make the tags the increase the reach will be and when people see your post, they start to visit your page more and that increases link clicks
  • Posting stories: Instagram Stories have now overthrown Snapchat as far as content being put out. That’s huge and people are watching. So take advantage.
    • Post several stories a day spread out throughout the day. This is important because IG puts relevant and newer stories towards the front of the line. If you post at 9am and nothing else the rest of the day, Your story will be at the back of the time in the afternoon and not reach that many people.
    • Ask pole questions, yes or no questions, use hashtags, and repost a often. When I say ask questions I don’t always mean having people ask you questions, ask your followers questions and report their answers. You will get more engagement that way and the more creative the questions or polls, the more people click to view your profile.
    • Watch Stories: This one sounds annoying but it’s not and it’s more important than you think. When you go take a shower or have to do something where you won’t need your phone for a bit, open IG and click the first story in your feed and let it run. You didn’t actually watch the stories but Instagram thinks you did. The more you do this the more your content will be considered “relevant” by IG and your stuff will show more at the front of the line
  • Liking Posts: ok this one is important too and I am not just talking about liking posts of people you follow. Go through and follow a bunch of Hashtags and start liking those posts as they show up in your feed. On average, for every 100 posts you like, you will gain 7-10 new followers and more than double that will look at your page. Those numbers add up quickly


  • Facebook is really tricky in how they do things. They have cut engagement so far down it is crazy but there are some guidelines to help.
  • DON”T REPOST! Yes you heard right. When you “Share/Repost” someone else’s post, FB wipes out reach dramatically. Instead, save the photo of the post you want to show, copy the cation if you want, and post it as an original post instead of a share. Engagement is significantly higher, and technically that is the same with Instagram too.
  • By creating an ‘original’ post instead of a share on FB, you can use your own link to the website as well.
  • Ask questions and post things that encourage engagement

Running Ads

  • You may learn and run ads or promote a post with your own link to increase the people connecting to your link. If you do this, DO NOT promote a specific brand in the topic if you are referencing a sale we currently have going on! I cannot stress this enough.
    • We as a company are only allowed to promote sales as a whole site and not specific brands. Failure to comply with this would lead to your removal from the program and could cost us our contract with the vendor.
    • If we are running a Buy 1 Get 1 20% OFF preworkouts, you can absolutely promote that, but what you can’t say is “Buy a Bowmar Protein and Get 20% OFF Bowmar’s Pre-workout at Built4TheHunt.” That is against our terms and conditions

Ok this goes over a lot of stuff and I am sure you have questions. So if you do, post them on the Team FB page and we can set up times to go through all of this stuff in live chats and update the articles too.