Jalapeno Venison Backstrap and Stuffed Mushrooms

By: Jeff Moran (@relentlesshntr_208)
Just thinking about venison backstraps can get the mouth watering but I'm betting you have been stuck a time or two about how to prepare it. 
I constantly hear people tell me they don't like the taste of wild game meat and really that just means they haven't had wild game that has been cooked right. Venison meat absolutely has to be served at medium rare to medium temperature. If you want to cook it to well done, stop hunting, or at least don't put anyone else through that struggle! You should almost always soak wild game in some sort of tenderizer before cooking as well. I use Himalayan Pink Salt and water. This pulls off some of the crusted blood around the edges of the meat, which tends to hold some of that "gamey" flavor people talk about
Now that we have all of that out of the way, I have a new way to prepare and cook steaks to give them a sweet flavor with a great kick to them that will have even the skeptical eater something to think about.
  •  1 pound venison steak (whole chunk cut like a backstrap)
  •  1 jalapeño 
  •  1 pack fresh Baby Bella mushrooms
  •  Mozzarella cheese shredded
  •  Whole spinach leaves
  •  1/2 cup brown sugar
  •  Pepper
  •  Garlic powder 
  •  Other seasonings of choice

  1. Soak venison in cold water and pink salt for 45 minutes to 1 hour
  2. Heat grille to 325
  3. Pat steak dry and coat in brown sugar; add pepper, garlic powder and other spices as desired
  4. Thinly slice jalapeño, leave in seeds
  5. Place steak on grille and place jalapeño slices on top of venison 
  6. Prepare mushrooms: fill inside of mushrooms with whole spinach slices; add mozzarella cheese on top, place on grille
  7. Rotate steak once after about 6-7 minutes, placing jalapeños on top of steak again. 
  8. Cook steak to 125 degrees, move jalapeño slices to the mushroom caps to finish cooking while steak rests for 5-8 minutes 
  9. (If you want to give the steaks a little more sweet flavor, drizzle some honey on it while it rests before slicing)
  10. Pull caps when tender, slice steak thinly and enjoy!