Built4TheHunt's "To Hell & Back" Makes Full Draw Film Tour

Since the inception of Built4TheHunt's online platform and media team, filming hunts and adventures has been a passion project for Built4TheHunt. This year Caleb Barnhill followed Jeff Moran into the depths of Idaho's Hells Canyon to capture his annual backcountry archery elk hunt. 

The decision to document this journey would prove to be a good one as a rugged, unforgiving hunt would end in success as Jeff took a his public land "Crown Bull" with a swift shot that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

After capturing this incredible story and completing post-production of this hunt, it was submitted to Full Draw Film tour to undergo their rigorous selection process where it eventually made the cut for the tour! Full Draw Film Tour is a premiere event that showcases impactful outdoor & hunting related films to viewers across the US in a theatre style environment. 

Built4TheHunt is excited and grateful to share this experience with everyone who plans on participating and attending the Full Draw Film Tour in 2020. As of now the tour is still scheduled to take place as normal although COVID-19 may cause the event to be postponed or available online. 

Built4TheHunt and Full Draw are actively awaiting updates and will post information on social media regarding the schedule changes or necessary updates.

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