April 29, 2020

The Built4TheHunt team has recently partnered with Pnuma Outdoors camo clothing company for the up and coming 2020 hunting season.

Pnuma is based in the state Minnesota and offers industry leading fabrics and performance materials with enhanced coatings and components from partners such as Coolcore™, DuraFila™, 3M®, and Porelle™ to provide the most advanced wicking, thermal regulation, waterproof, windproof, breathable, insulated, and durable hunting apparel found anywhere. With new ownership as of October 2019 and under the direction of new CEO Cody Roberts, Pnuma is driven to position themselves atop the outdoor clothing industry and will be unveiling a brand new pattern option for 2020.

Team Built4TheHunt's filmed hunting adventures take them across North America in a variety of average to extreme terrains, conditions and hunting environments. From the Missouri hardwoods to the depths of Hell's canyon Idaho to the high country of the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Team B4H has taken adequate time and research to consider several brand partnerships prior to 2020 but has ultimately chosen Pnuma Outdoors products to help conceal them from wild game and protect them from the elements with quality clothing and accessories.

Pnuma and Team B4H have several events they intend to collaborate on during the 2020 calendar year across the nation. If you'd like to learn more about Team B4H's experience with Pnuma, as always reach out to us on Social Media (@built4thehunt). To view Pnuma Outdoors Products and learn more about them visit:


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