Built4TheHunt Continues Partnership with Initial Ascent Packs

Since first utilizing and testing the Initial Ascent flagship 4k pack system in 2018 on the "Begin2Hunt" new hunter cow elk hunt in Idaho, Initial Ascent pack systems have become increasingly important to the Built4TheHunt team in the field. In 2019 the IA4K and new IA6K saw full capacity loads on several important elk and deer hunts in difficult and unforgiving terrain for Team Built4TheHunt. Built4TheHunt team had the pleasure of joining the IA team and patrons at the Western Hunting Expo this year in Salt Lake city where many Built4TheHunt images were featured in Initial Ascent's all-new booth display.

Initial Ascent's carbon-integrated frame rides that fine line of flex/maneuverability and strength/rigidity perfectly. Initial Ascent owners Joe Elliston and Dennis Stokes made some innovative upgrades to their packs including several new patterns and colors as well as an all new 2K pack system for 2020. Initial Ascent keeps expanding and finding ways to improve with valuable feedback from team members and consumers. From the beginning Initial Ascent has found ways to connect with fitness-minded outdoorsman throughout the industry and at live competitive events like "Train to Hunt". Hunting Athletes and fitness competitors have been utilizing the Initial Ascent pack systems for training and competing purposes in innovative ways after discovering the comfortable fit and maneuverability and durability. 

With the strong connection to athletes and the dedication to improving their products, choosing to continue a partnership with Initial Ascent Packs was a no-brainer for Team Built4TheHunt. 

To learn more about IA products or to purchase your own pack system click here: initialascent.com