August 03, 2018


Atomic Athlete started as a private gym in Austin, Texas in 2009. We provide professional coaching and programming for athletes of all disciplines, whether it be competitive, industrial, or recreational.

The athletes who train at our facility come from all walks of life — from military operators to elite triathletes to men and women who are driven by the desire to push their bodies and minds. Even though the gym is where we train, the outside world is where we perform.

Our goal with this site is to make our programming and coaching readily available for athletes who don’t have access to our facility. Our sessions are designed and explained to provide you with the opportunity to expand your Strength, Work Capacity, Aerobic Capacity, Mental Fitness and Resilience at any satellite location. We organize our training as macrocycles – long training cycle designed to train big goals – and mesocycles – shorter cycles that focus on a narrow scope – to ensure constant progress. In the coaches’ notes and instructions that accompany each training cycle, as well as in the videos for each individual exercise, we explain the details of how to follow every detail. We also show you how to do each movement efficiently and safely.

Everything we ask you to do has a purpose. Nothing is random.

Atomic Athlete's Coaches

Coach Jake Saenz is a former Army Special Operations Soldier with multiple combat and non-combat deployments.


Coach Moore has run marathons, competed in triathlons, road cycling, and mountain biking.



Jordan spent six years in the Navy as a nuclear operator aboard the USS Charlotte (SSN 766).



We take pride in our program and our coaching. To be a certified Atomic Athlete Coach you must complete 5 tasks.


All coaching candidates must attend our 14-day coaching seminar. This seminar covers our training methodology, coaching philosophy, and programming.


Each coaching candidate must work hands on with our athletes and coaches. The candidate is required to observe 6 sessions where the head coach will provide coaching instruction to the candidate during the class. The candidate will then Assistant Coach at least 6 sessions where they will assist the head coach and lead half the session. Finally the candidate will be required to successfully lead 6 sessions on their own. The head coach will evaluate each candidate during these sessions and give them a pass / fail based on their performance.


Each candidate is required to pass the following fitness test. The test is given back to back and it is required to pass every event.

  1. Total Body Strength: Ground to Overhead 1.15 x bodyweight (.75 for females)
  2. Upper Body Strength Endurance: 15 strict pullups (5 for females)
  3. Lower Body Strength Endurance: 20 reps Front Squat at bodyweight (.75 for females)
  4. Anaerobic Work Capacity: 1000 meter run in under 4 minutes
  5. Mental Toughness: 70x Sandbag Getups in 10 minutes (60lbs for females)
  6. Aerobic Capacity: 3 mile run in 21:30 minutes


Each Candidate must pass our written exam which covers all the topics in the manual. Test cutoff time is 90 minutes.


Each athlete must proficiently demonstrate and instruct all the barbell foundation lifts and describe the fundamental differences and variations of each.

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